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    XMLTV is an XML based file format for describing TV listings. There are several programs available which can download EPG data for you in XMLTV format. Then you can use the XMLTV plugin for MediaPortal to import the data into your TV Guide.

    Here is a list of XMLTV Programs that work with MediaPortal


    General Comment Generic application, written in Perl. Not user-friendly. Forms the basis of MediaPortal's EPG.
    Site Support Hard coded. Each site supported requires a new Perl script.
    Configuration Command Line
    Link XMTLV Home
    Supported Countries Australia, Belgium and Luxembourg, Brazil, Britain and Ireland, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary and Romania, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, North America, Norway, Portugal, Reunion Island (France), South Africa, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland
    Comment XMLTV channel IDs must match MediaPortal channel names.
     You may rename the channel IDs within your tv_grab_??.conf file (spaces and exotic characters are accepted) but do not modify any other settings.


    General Comment MediaPortal-specific application, written in C#. Included with MediaPortal distribution.
    Site Support Site Support is via XML configuration files, anyone can create new or edit existing configuration files.
    Configuration GUI configuration program
    Link How to configure WebEPG
    Supported Countries Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom (GB in WebEPG), USA


    General Comment Generic application. Good site and country support. Is an extended and more versatile replacement for WebGrab. Very well documented.
    Site Support Site Support is via ini configuration files, anyone can create new or edit existing configuration files.
    Configuration Text Editor. Editing .ini files.
    Link WebGrab+Plus website
    Supported Countries Australia, UK, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Denmark, Iceland, France, Finland, Austria and many more. Any country can be supported by creating a new ini file.

    Schedules Direct plugin

    General Comment MediaPortal plugin.
    Site Support Hard coded
    Configuration TV Server Configuration (Plugins)
    Link SchedulesDirect Guide Importer
    Supported Countries US and Canada. Supports OTA/Cable/Satellite

    XMLTV GUI Grabber

    General Comment Generic set of applications, for Windows and Linux.
    Site Support Through lua grabber scripts
    Configuration GUI
    Link Homepage, Instructions at MediaPortal forum
    Supported Countries United Kingdom, Denmark, North America, Israel


    General Comment Very fast command line utility based on XMLTV. Supported OS: Windows/Linux/OSX. Downloads media center, titantv, or schedules direct tv listings.
    Site Support  
    Configuration Command line plus batch
    Link How would I use mc2xml with MediaPortal?
    Supported Countries US,CA, UK, IE, MX, BR, ES, FR, DE, AT, DK, NL, NO, BE, CH, FI, PL, SE, CZ, SK, IL, IN, KR, JP

    EPG Collector

    General Comment Supports DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C, ATSC terrestrial or cable and Clear QAM
    Command line utlity for creating xmltv file.
    Site Support  
    Configuration EPGCentre.exe is a GUI for generating .ini files to be used with epgcollector.exe
    Supported Countries Many countries supported

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