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    EPG 'grabbers' from over 30 countries

    To configure WebEpg:

    WebEPG is a Electronic Program Guide (EPG) grabbing application. There are several other programs that do what WebEPG does, but not as easily and not as well integrated with MediaPortal. 

    The WebEPG plugin now ships with MediaPortal and has been designed to provide you with the best possible EPG data if it is not already provided by your DVB sources.

    WebEPG Advantages

    One of the big problems of a general EPG grabbing application, like XMLTV, is that channel names often don't match the names used in MediaPortal, so the TV Guide data does not import properly. This is what WebEPG aims to address. WebEPG uses the channels created by MediaPortal and with your input, maps the EPG data to a channel from the TV Guide site. You do not need  to change any channel names.

    When downloading EPG data from DVB Sources, you usually only get data for the next 48 hours. With online TV Guide grabbers like WebEPG you may get up to 14 days!

    Configuring WebEPG

    Before you can use WebEPG to get data for your TV Guide, you must configure the WebEPG plugin. Many locations around the world are supported out of the box, however, if your country is not supported or you wish to grab EPG data from a different source, you may customize WebEPG by creating your own EPG Grabber for your specific location and needs. See Contribute > Localizaiton > EPG Grabbers > WebEPG.

    Be sure to check our EPG Grabbers Forum to see if someone else has already created a grabber for your location, or is working on one.

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