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DVB Sources

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    EPG data are usually present at:

    • DVB-S (DVB over satellite)
    • DVB-T (DVB over terrestrial antenna)
    • DVB-C (DVB over cable)


    TV Server has the ability to grab EPG data from the DVB Stream
    More information can be found in Configuration Tools > TV-Server Configuration > DVB EPG


    EPG Collector is a 3rd party command line utlity for generating an xmltv file


    • EPG grabber for DVB and ATSC broadcast data
    • Processes EIT, MHEG5, OpenTV, MHW1 and 2, FreeSat, PSIP, Dish Network and Bell TV Extended EPG
    • Supports DVB-S, DVB-T, DVB-C, ATSC terrestrial or cable and Clear QAM
    • DiSEqC support for 2 - 16 port switches plus custom commands.
    • EPG Centre GUI for setting up parameters with comprehensive tuning files
    • Creates XMLTV compliant file or imports to 7MC and DVBViewer
    • DVBLogic TVSource plugin for seamless collection
    • Metadata lookup to enhance broadcast data

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