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Filmstrip Layout

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    If you want a stylish layout which displays a single row of images like a filmstrip, then choose the Filmstrip layout. 


    You may use the home and end keys to navigation to the beginning or end of the items displayed.  To access the menu, use the up arrow key, rather than the left arrow key as in other layouts. This enables you to easily access the menu from any item currently selected.

    The following video shows a short demonstration of the filmstrip view in MediaPortal in the Videos section:

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    You can select the same way you select other layouts, by using the Layouts button on the Menu.  Filmstrip view is available in the following windows:

    • Videos
    • Music
    • Pictures

    Use your remote control left and right navigation buttons (or keyboard arrow keys) to navigate left and right.  Use your remote control select (or OK) button to perform the desired action on the selected item.  In most skin implementations you should be able to access the action menu using your remote control up or down button or by navigating to the left of the first item or to the right of the last item.

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