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        1. 2.1.1. Priority
        2. 2.1.2. Channel
        3. 2.1.3. Type
        4. 2.1.4. Date
        5. 2.1.5. Title
        6. 2.1.6. PreRecord
        7. 2.1.7. PostRecord
      1. 2.2. Episodes to Keep


    This section displays scheduled recordings that have been set by the TV Clients.


    No new schedules can be entered from here but you can delete schedules from this location. To delete a schedule, select the one to be deleted and click the delete button. You can also right click on the schedule to be deleted and a popup menu is displayed showing the delete option.

    Column Descriptions


    This field displays the priority of the recording. This feature is yet to be enabled in the TV Server which allowed a priority system to be implemented if 2 or more recordings were scheduled to occur at the same time.


    This field display on what channel the recording is to be run. Further to this is the date column.


    This field displays whether the schedule is a recurring or a one off schedule.


    This field defines the date & time for the "once only" scheduled recording. Recurring schedules do not show a date. If the recording has be configured to record on any channel than the entry will show "All Channels".


    This displays the name of the TV program to record.


    This displays the amount of time before the start of the scheduled TV program that the recording will start.


    This displays the amount of time after the finish of the scheduled TV program that the recording will stop.

    NOTE: "Pre Record" and "Post Record" columns are defined in Recording settings

    Episodes to Keep

    If you schedule a recurring recording (e.g. weekly), this will allow you to see how many episodes should be kept (default: Keep all). These settings can be altered from within the MediaPortal GUI.

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