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Music Settings

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    Select or change the most common settings for Using Music in MediaPortal.


    You may also configure these settings, plus more advanced customization, using the MediaPortal Configuration Tool, see Configuration > Music.

    Select Music from the Settings Menu:


    • Now playing - select or change the options for the Now Playing window such as best tracks, track suggestions, VU meter style, etc.
    • Playlist - select playlist folder and behavior
    • Delete album  - select an Album to delete.
    • Delete album information  - select an album to delete all album info from your music database
    • Folders - select the folders that contain the music files you wish to add to your music database, display in Music Shares view, and play in MediaPortal
    • Database - select the folders, settings and options to scan your music files and create a video database
    • File extensions  - select, by file extension, which media files to display in the Videos folders.


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