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Configuration Tools


    Use the Configuration Tools to configure MediaPortal


    MediaPortal was designed to be tweaked to your hearts content.

    You may browse the configuration pages in this section to see all the settings available in MediaPortal Configuration.

    The configuration pages are also linked to the related sections of Using MediaPortal, so you may access them quickly whenever you are reading about a particular feature.

    First Time Configuration

    If this is the first time you have configured MediaPortal, see Quick Setup

    It is always wise to get the basic functions working first, and sort out any issues you may have using the Default skin, before you start tweaking, customizing or using many extensions: skins or plugins.

    Configuration vs Settings

    There are two main methods to customize MediaPortal:

    1. Using the Configuration Tools which are standlone Window applications:
      • MediaPortal Configuration Tool -  for configuring MediaPortal and as well as  plugins and skins and TV Client options
      • TV-Server Configuration Tool -  for users who install the TV-Server to watch TV in MediaPortal - TV-Server must be configured before you can watch TV. The Client settings are configured using the MediaPortal Conguration Tool.
    2. Using the Settings option in MediaPortal - this allows you to configure or change basic settings while you are using MediaPortal

    For specific ways to customize MediaPortal, see also Customization.

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