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Download Only

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    Download and save the required files for installation to install MediaPortal on multiple systems, or to reinstall in future

    When to use Download Only

    MediaPortal downloads several required files during installation, depending on you system configuration and install options. 

    If you wish to install MediaPortal on another PC, HDD or clean OS, or on a system that is not connected to the internet, you should choose the option to Only download required components. This option will save all the required files for installing MediaPortal to a folder called MediaPortal Installation in your temporary files folder so you do not need to download them again.

    Once you complete this option, the folder containing all downloaded files will open so you can copy the complete folder wherever you wish, and then simply start the MediaPortal installation.

    Note: The following section applies ONLY if you chose the Only download required components option. 

    Download Settings


    Select the language and architecture of the operating system of the PC on which you want to install MediaPortal and press Next.

    Download Components

     The Installer will display a list or all necessary components and action required (Download or <no action>.

    The MediaPortal installer already includes the main MediaPortal application and the TV-Server, so these don't need to be downloaded.


    Click the Download button to start downloading all components. All files will be downloaded to a folder named MediaPortal Installation that is created underneath your temporary files folder.

     If not already installed on your PC, Windows Media Player 11 has to be downloaded manually and the installer will present you with a download link.

    Download Complete


    After all downloads have finished click the Exit button to close the installer. 

    Copy and Install

    The folder containing all downloaded files will open when you exit the Installer. Copy the complete folder wherever you wish.

    To install MediaPortal:

    1. Open the folder where you saved the install files
    2. Run MediaPortal.DeployTool.exe.
    3. Go to Select Options and select Start with the installation now

    Running the latest version?

    V1.15.0 - released June 2016
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