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Tools Tab in Editor

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    • Type of Change:  Feature

    Description of Change


    Use the new Tools sections  to upgrade of your old movie covers to the new naming rule for Media Portal 1.2.0 and above so you don’t need to re-scan new covers. Your old covers will not be visible in MediaPortal until you upgrade by using the Upgrade button.


    If, for any reason, you want to switch to the old version of MediaPortal (1.1.x and lower) and you have upgraded your covers, simply use theDowngrade  button and your covers will return to their initial state.

    Actor tools > Clear button will help you to remove some strange actor names like nm1234567 or Unknown. This can happen while grabbing actor details and the IMDB web page doesn’t respond. With this button you can easy clear those mistakes and  can re-download actors again per movie or for all movies in the Actor details tab.

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    Author: Dadeo
    Date added: Thu, 10 Nov 2011


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